Poppies Pressed is a student created Division III project by L. Kelly Fitzpatrick at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Poppies Pressed aims to encourage the interpretation and accessibility of photographic media of the First World War in the digital age through the application of twenty-first century technologies to previously undigitized wartime media.

As the First World War reaches its centennial in 2014, historians and figures in the emergent digital humanities seek new ways to present information to learners increasingly dependent on computers for information. By creating online environments which promote casual interaction between learners and history, we forge an otherwise daunting familiarity between contemporary learners and an event which despite its importance in the progression of the twentieth century, can be seen as inaccessible. Through the application of century-old media to digital environments, we wield the power to grant histories new life.


This project was completed with the valued support of Professors Jim Wald and Polina Barskova, Hampshire College alumnus Bera Dunau and the Dunau, Munson, Beyer and Thannhauser family, and the steadfast encouragement of friends and family. Thank you.


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