The Great War in Open Access

In the past year, the Open Access movement has cracked the lid on some of the world’s largest digital collections. Freeing users to greater utilize collections under the public domain and creative commons, Open Access has taken the digital humanities by storm. Giving a public unrestricted access to better reflect on our histories through the glow of digital interfaces, pooling Open Access collections with content focusing on World War I is a first step toward the creation of projects and learning materials circling the centennial.

When navigating the many gigabytes of digitized content within Open Access collections, zeroing in on materials relating directly to the World War I can be tough at first. To get started familiarizing yourself with Open Access collections and begin brainstorming your next centennial project, take your time browsing through the following resources.

Flickr Commons Resources:

Imperial War Museum

George Eastman House

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives

U.S. National Archives

Library of Congress

For a more in depth aggregate of Open Access initiatives by institutions, scope out:

OpenGLAM Resources


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